Augmenting Stamp Rally with Image Recognition

Ken Nakagaki

 A “stamp rally” is a common gimmick in Japan which is usually used to entice visitors at a conference or fair to visit every vendor. Upon entering, the visitor is given a sheet with blank spaces where the stamps will go. As they visit each vendor, their sheet is stamped.

 Stamp Rally “Minato-Oto(= sound of harbor)” is a novel stamp rally system which people can collect sounds in a town. In Minato Media Museum 2010, which was a local revitalization art project held in rural town in Japan(Nakaminato, Ibaraki), stamps were placed in individual locations in the town, such as stores and stations. Each stamp represents a sound recorded in each location. Through walking the town, visitors collect stamps on their sheets as same as original stamp rally, and at the goal, when visitors pass the sheets over a camera mounted device, they can hear the sounds collected in each locations. Multiple sounds would make a harmony of the town.


Minato Media Museum 2010 (Nakaminato Commercial Avenue – Ibaraki Prefecture, 2010.8.8-9.5)