A Sewing Interface Using Layered Conductive Fabrics

K. Nakagaki, and Y. Kakehi

 The activity “Sewing” has been supporting our life in various scenes such as needlework, embroidery or surgery. However, the opportunities to sew by our hands have been decreased because of the development of technology such as sewing machines. In this research, we would propose the interface that entertain the monotonous and boring work, or support the delicate and difficult work by enhancing sewing by hands. The state of how a needle is stung can be detected by structure of conductive textiles in layers. By detecting the state, how the string was sewed on a textile surface can be estimated.

-International Conferences

ACM UIST2012, Demo Session (2012.10.9).

-Domestic Conferences

Interaction2012, Demo (2012.3.15).
The 17th Annual Conference of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan, (2012.9).


Open Research Forum 2011 (2011.11.22-23)
Ishikawa Dream Festival (2012.11.10-11)


Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun(NewsPaper, 2012.7.23)