Augmenting Crocheting with Bi-stable Color Changing Inks

Momoko Okazaki, Ken Nakagaki and Yasuaki Kakehi

When changing the color of the wool while crocheting, it is common to integrate an additional color of wool. However, adding wool every time you switch the color is time-consuming and it may affect the shape of the work.
In metamoCrochet, we use the feature of Metamo Ink that disappears at 65 degrees Celsius or more. By using a crochet hook with a heating tip, we can change color of the yarn dyed with Metamo Ink at an optional point. Furthermore, we propose a new method of crocheting in which the color changes according to emotional and environmental elements.

-International Conferences

ACM SIGGRAPH2014, Posters.

-Domestic Conferences

Entertainment Computing 2014(2014.9).