Interactive Art Workshop for Freshmen in Keio Univ. SFC


 A&T is an activity that provides interactive art workshop to freshmen of Keio University SFC. Right after freshman students entered into the university, the entire process of workshop, managed and directed only by students, is provided within 3 months intensively. Through the workshop freshmen can learn overall process to create/design interactive art: How to come up with novel ideas or to build up concepts, how to realize the idea using electronics or programming, or how to exhibit/present the work fascinatingly. For freshmen who are highly motivated in art, design or technology, this workshop would be a great start in their university life. This activity aims to both raise the level of creativity in Keio SFC, and develop students who will be excellent artists, designer, researchers in the future.

 Participated in the workshop as a freshmen in 2009 which was first year of this activity, I have directed and managed the workshop from next year. During my undergraduate years, I have passionately driven the workshop and improved the quality and scale of it every year. As know-how of managing the workshop is handed down to my junior students, now the activity is highly regarded as a model of education between students within the university. Through the experience of teaching how to create interactive art works to freshmen every year, I have developed my interest in education of contents/interaction design.


ORF2012 The 6th Student Research/Activity Contest, The First Prize (2012)
ORF2011 The 5th Student Research/Activity Contest, The First Prize (2011)

Web : http://at.sfc.keio.ac.jp/