Ken Nakagaki / 中垣 拳

Ken is an interaction designer and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) Researcher from Japan. Currently, he is a doctoral student in MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group and also working as Research Assistant there. He is interested in developing interfaces which combines digital information or computational aids into daily physical tools and materials seamlessly, and also interested in designing novel physical experience with such interfaces to enrich the future of living space.

As a researcher, he has been presenting his work in HCI Conferences (ACM CHI, UIST, TEI, SIGGRAPH and etc). Besides academic community, his works have been demonstrated in various exhibitions such as Ars Electronica, and also won awards in design and art competitions such as the A’ Design Award, the James Dyson Award, the International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC) and the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Career Summary :

2016.6~ MIT Media Lab, PhD Research Assistant (Tangible Media Group).
2017.5~2017.8 Disney Research Pittsburgh, Lab Associate (Intern).
2014.9~2016.6 MIT Media Lab, M.S. Research Assistant (Tangible Media Group).
2013.4~2014.9 Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University SFC.
2010.4~2014.9 (Yasuaki Kakehi Lab). (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies).
2009.4~2013.3 Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University SFC.

Research Interests:

Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Tangible Interface, Shape Changing Interface, Interactive Hand Tools, Interactive Material, Entertainment Media, Robotics and etc.

Find the CV here.

Contact :

ken_n [at]
(Feel free to contact me for any kind of collaboration, commercialization, talk and so on.)